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Life Coaching launch

Post #56 My Life Coaching Launch

I am happy to write that I was away for a few weeks in preparation for my business launch.  In the process, I also attended a conference.  I am an engineer who has started her own life coaching business.  In this post and in the next, I am going to share some deep ideas I learned at the conference.  Be prepared to think!

Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Before I get into life coaching tips, first you should have an idea of what it is.  It is not advising as I don’t tell people what to do.  Life coaching is not counseling as I am not a trained counselor or a lawyer.  It is not meditation as there is no intent to heighten spiritual awareness.  Last, it is not therapy as I am not a doctor; therapists tend to focus on the past.

Rather, life coaching focuses on your future.  It is about unraveling your way of thinking to create self-awareness.  When you become self-aware, you understand why you do the things you do.  Your bottom-line thinking is the baseline from which you can improve your life.  Life coaching is all about you and your thinking:  current thoughts, how they create your reality, and how to think differently for self-improvement.  As a life coach, I help my clients gain perspectives on their lives.  My technique involves asking questions so they can self-discover answers to their own questions.

Life Coaching

The Root Cause of your Problems

A very quick and basic life coaching lesson for all you students:  the root cause of your problems comes down to self-judgment.  How would your world be different if you were able to like yourself?  Or if you were able to love yourself unconditionally, no matter your grades, your status or your circumstances?  Your world would improve if you were able to have compassion for yourself and forgive all your mistakes.  Pretend for 5 minutes and envision a completely self-confident and secure you under the same circumstances.  In this pretend world, you are always full of self-love and self-respect.  How would this attitude be self-serving for you?  Note, I am not talking about arrogance, which I addressed in Post #35.

The more self-confident and the more secure you are in yourself, the less problems you will encounter.  I promise.

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