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    How do you Compare?


    Post #87 When you Compare Yourself to Others

    It is your human tendency to want to compare yourself to others. It’s tempting to think the other person has a better car, better phone, a better life, etc (see Post #34). When life is good and when all is well, we often like comparing ourselves to others. But sometimes life is tough, such as when we find ourselves in the midst of a COVID-19 circumstance. In this case, and in many others, comparisons can result in your confidence taking a nosedive.


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    How to Influence Others?

    influence others

    Post #75 Increase your Leadership Qualities

    Stop and think about how many people in your life you try to influence. Let’s start with family members, classmates, professors, friends, potential employers, etc. Stop and think about the tactics you use and how effective they are. I am going to share some useful information to help you understand how to influence others.

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    Are you a Student Seeking Self-Help?

    Seeking Self-Help

    Post #57 It All Starts With your Thinking

    If you’re a student seeking self-help, you have found the right blog!  In Post #56, I introduced the concept of life coaching.  In this post, I will explain in detail why your thinking and why your thoughts are so important.  Then, I am going to offer you some useful ideas you can use daily for self-empowerment.

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    Back From Launching my Business

    Life Coaching launch

    Post #56 My Life Coaching Launch

    I am happy to write that I was away for a few weeks in preparation for my business launch.  In the process, I also attended a conference.  I am an engineer who has started her own life coaching business.  In this post and in the next, I am going to share some deep ideas I learned at the conference.  Be prepared to think!

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    Are you an Arrogant Engineer?


    Post #35 Confidence is Good, Arrogance is Not

    I understand firsthand why some engineers display a bit of arrogance about them.  Is engineering tough?  Yep.  Are engineers proud to call themselves engineers?  Yep.  Is it ok to be arrogant about it?  Nope.  People do it anyway. Please read this so you can understand and avoid the pitfalls of being an arrogant engineer.