Habits for a Productive Engineering Semester

Maximize your learning potential

Post #55 Part II

Do you want to maximize your learning potential this semester?  Be sure to read this and Post #54 for great suggestions on creating habits for a productive engineering semester.

 Lower Limit

Know your Limits

The next way to maximize your learning potential this semester:  know your limits.  Nobody knows your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses more than you.  Because others may be able to go days without sleeping or studying doesn’t mean you can.  Your body and your mind have specific needs that are unique to you.  Only you can know when it’s time to take a study break or when it’s time to get some sleep, etc.  This also extends to your study habits.  There is such a thing as over studying.  It is possible for you to engage in studying so much that it becomes counterproductive.  My suggestion is to know yourself and to be aware of how much your body and your mind can handle.  Everybody has a threshold and it’s your responsibility to recognize what yours looks like.

Visit your Professors

I wrote about the importance of getting to know your professors in Post #15.  The reason this can maximize your learning potential this semester is because you will need to lean on your professors.  You will have to either clarify homework questions, clarify exam questions, ask for help or persuade them to be lenient just to name a few.  Your professors genuinely want to see you succeed.  I know sometimes they may seem like the enemy in your mind but give them the change to prove otherwise.  You must initiate contact as they have way too many students to request personal meetings with all of them.  Your professors would love to get to know you.  Please take advantage of office hours, introduce yourself and let them know you are interested in helping yourself.


Don’t Forget to Learn

There are so many things this semester to keep track of.  You will have due dates, you will have holidays, extracurriculars, projects, research, etc.  Then you have your lifestyle to manage such as roommates, eating, leisure, trips, exercise and all the other responsibilities that come along with life.  All these tasks can add up quickly, not to mention distractions that lure you away from your responsibilities.  Always try to remember why you are here in the first place.  You are laying the foundation for a future full of possibilities.  If you want to maximize your learning potential this semester, it starts with remembering that you are here to learn.

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