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Seeking Self-Help

Post #57 It All Starts With your Thinking

If you’re a student seeking self-help, you have found the right blog!  In Post #56, I introduced the concept of life coaching.  In this post, I will explain in detail why your thinking and why your thoughts are so important.  Then, I am going to offer you some useful ideas you can use daily for self-empowerment.


How your Mentality Creates your Reality

Circumstances, i.e., the world around you, are generally outside of your control.  Circumstances include your family, your health, your job, your spouse, your professors and everything in the past.  Thoughts are the meanings you assign to your circumstances.  In other words, your circumstances are neither inherently good nor bad.  Circumstances mean nothing until you create thoughts.  Your thoughts will then generate feelings inside you.  Your feelings fuel all your actions.  Last, actions create your life consequences.  This is a quick and basic explanation of how your thinking creates your own reality.  The lesson here for any student seeking self-help is to think deliberately and be in control of your brain; don’t let it control you.

Think Positive

Helpful Ideas for the Student Seeking Self-Help

Hard moments are like bricks that build a solid wall.

The solid wall represents your strength.  If we did the easy things all the time, life would be boring.  Hard times allow for growth, evolving and strengthening.

You have to feel the negatives to enjoy the positives.

We are not supposed to be happy 100% of the time in our human lives.  Always be prepared to handle anything on the human spectrum of emotions.

What you think about comes about.

If you truly believe something, you create that kind of result for yourself.  This goes back to self-confidence (see Post #56).  Self-confidence is the key if you are seeking self-help.

Believing someone else is difficult changes you, not them.

Do not be concerned with others and how they act.  You can only control you and your own thinking.  Take ownership of all your thoughts, let others worry about themselves.

Leaders embrace the unknown.

You don’t always have to know every single step of every plan.  Face the unknown head on; this is what leaders do.

Make decisions from a mentality of strength and empowerment.

Never rush to an emotionally negative decision.  You want to be in a mental space of positivity and you always want to make decisions out of love for yourself.

It’s none of your business what others think of you.

What matters most is what YOU think of you.  When you have your own back, others can think what they want with no impact to you.

Everything happens on time.

Your timeline looks different than everyone else.  That’s not just okay, that is life.  We all arrive at our destinations when we are ready.

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