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The Purpose of This Engineering Blog

This engineering blog is based on the premise that engineering students are humans first.  My objective is to reassure you that your thoughts and feelings are completely normal despite external, self-defeating messages.  Posts include elements of my student experiences, professional experiences and lessons learned.  This engineering blog is meant to guide to students to deliberately think through challenging life situations.  This is my first blog ever so please forgive my lack of creativity.  I am more concerned with providing useful content to my target audience: college engineering students.

About the Author              

My name is Gina Covarrubias, Engineering Life Coach at  I earned my bachelor’s degree in AAE from Purdue and my master’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of Utah.  My professional experience was spent in the aerospace industry.  I worked as an engineering and technology academic advisor at Purdue.  And I have worked for the U.S. government as an engineer.  But, most of my experience comes from the corporate world where I have engaged in technical engineering, project engineering, project management and program management.  A summary of my profile can be viewed here at my LinkedIn page.

What You Will Gain From My Engineering Blog              

You will learn from my mistakes so you can show up as the best version of yourself.  I used to be one of you and I can identify with your struggles.  You will be exposed to viewpoints that you may never learn in the classroom.  I will provide insightful information from the perspective of student, advisor, experienced engineer and life coach.  My posts can guide you toward alternate perspectives when you believe you’ve totally screwed up.  Most of the posts in this engineering blog will pose a question meant to challenge you to some self-exploration.  You may be surprised to discover how the reframing of a situation can make a positive difference.


Remember You are Human

In my engineering blog posts, I am not going to discuss engineering news, technology, designs or inventions.  Rather, my purpose is to help you navigate your thought-processes and to remind you why it is OK to make mistakes.  The all-too-often programmed and robotic engineering culture may have a tendency to disregard the humanness inside you.  More than anything else in this world, you are a human first and this fact is the essence of my blogging.

Please feel free to Contact Me with comments, questions or requests for specific topics.  And connect with me on LinkedIn if you like my content!  Your feedback will help me provide more relevant information that can help engineering students everywhere.