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    “I Wonder what they Think of Me?”

    I wonder what they think of me

    Post #98 Haunted by Others’ Opinions

    You read and re-read comments, posts and texts trying to decipher between the lines. It pains you to think that somebody spoke poorly or wrote nasty things about you. You consistently wonder, “I hope they like me … I wonder what they think of me”. It might be easy for your mind to take you down dark scenarios.


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    What are your Outlets?

    what are your outlets?

    Post #89 Taking Responsibility for Yourself

    Did you know it’s possible for you to take time away from the grind and enjoy yourself? In fact, I encourage it. Too often, engineering students get wrapped up in the chaos of coursework, commitments, and goals. And too often, you don’t realize that it’s okay to take breaks, decompress and have some fun. What are your outlets that temporarily take you away from everything?

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    Are you a Student Seeking Self-Help?

    Seeking Self-Help

    Post #57 It All Starts With your Thinking

    If you’re a student seeking self-help, you have found the right blog!  In Post #56, I introduced the concept of life coaching.  In this post, I will explain in detail why your thinking and why your thoughts are so important.  Then, I am going to offer you some useful ideas you can use daily for self-empowerment.

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    Back From Launching my Business

    Life Coaching launch

    Post #56 My Life Coaching Launch

    I am happy to write that I was away for a few weeks in preparation for my business launch.  In the process, I also attended a conference.  I am an engineer who has started her own life coaching business.  In this post and in the next, I am going to share some deep ideas I learned at the conference.  Be prepared to think!

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    Post #8 Why Set Goals for Yourself?



    More to Life Than a Degree

    I will give you a hint:  it is not so you can be happy.  And it is not so you can claim bragging rights.  Obviously, one of your main goals as a student is to become educated and earn your degree.  Did you stop to think, however, there are other goals you can set for yourself, and the benefits can be priceless?  Attempting to achieve goals is one of the most important activities you can do to evolve and transform.