Worried About Freshman Engineering?

Worried About Freshman Engineering

Post #53 It’s Natural to be Frightened

Congratulations on earning your way into engineering!  You have worked your way into a tough major.  But this is not high school.  It is perfectly reasonable and normal to be worried about your freshman engineering year.  Things are going to be new, different and scary.  Read on to help yourself mentally prepare.


Prioritize a Support System

Many of you are speculating, “What if it’s too difficult?  What if I don’t like it?  What if this or that…?”  You may be away from home for the first time.  And living with strangers who have different values than you.  And on and on.  It is too easy to get wrapped up in the “What if” thoughts.  Firstly, in Post #04, I wrote about the importance of building yourself a network.  Everybody needs to be able to lean on others.  Please read it and start finding your network of people, including peers, professors and school staff members.  If you’re worried about freshman engineering, creating a support system is essential for your success.

Learn your Campus Resources

Secondly, you will have access to a variety of resources depending on your school.  These resources could include academic, personal and professional assistance.  For example, make use of any tutoring and teaching assistant (TA) services for academic help.  Always attempt to get to know some of your professors (see Post #15).  Next, ask school employees if you have access to mental health services and physical health services for future reference.  Always know how to get a hold of law enforcement just in case.  Also, for professional assistance, investigate whether your school offers job placement services.  These could include resume writing assistance, interview practice, networking events and job placement services.


Engineering is No Joke

Thirdly, I want to emphasize that college is going to require you to step up.  You will be challenged in many ways, especially academically.  School is going to force you to balance your studying with leisure with managing your time effectively.  It is a lot to balance, especially when you start taking your engineering courses.  They will be tougher than anything you saw in high school.  Give all your courses the time and respect they command from you.  Make a mental note that engineering courses will demand a lot and this is not a time to slack.

In conclusion, if you are worried about freshman engineering, there are some things you can do to help yourself.  Create a support system, learn about campus resources and pay utmost attention to your courses.

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