What Would your Engineering Professors Say About You?

Post #15 Why It Matters What your Professors Think

Would your engineering professors indicate you are a marvelous, kind person but that they would never hire you?  Maybe your engineering professors appreciate your attempts to utilize office hours for self improvement.  Perhaps they admire your great work ethic and personal drive.  Or, could the opposite be true.  Do your engineering professors know nothing about who you are?  What kinds of comments would they make about you if I were to ask them?

You Must Reach Out

In case you have not spent much time with your engineering professors, their lives are jam packed with demanding activities (see Post #14).  When they are not in class with you, they could be creating course content, grading, conducting research, networking, lecturing, etc.  However, your engineering professors would enjoy the opportunity to know each student individually.  There is not enough time in the day for them to reach out to each and every one of you.

Therefore, as the student, you should initiate contact with your engineering professors when possible.  The benefits of getting to know your professors are numerous and I will get to that.  Despite the different attitudes and personalities your professors project inside or outside the classroom, they really are humans, too.  Take advantage of communication opportunities and try to form relationships with your engineering professors.

Your Future Depends On It

Your professors can play a key role in the way your future unfolds.  They are willing to help you if they detect you are trying to help yourself.  And I really want you to understand that you are going to need their help.  For example, check out the following list.  Think about which situations may apply to you in the near or distant future.  Someday, you will want to:

  • negotiate an exam grade or a course grade
  • apply for internships
  • ask for letters of recommendation
  • apply to graduate school (this means you need to assemble a committee of professors)
  • run for a student leadership position
  • create a new student committee/organization
  • serve on a board
  • apply for a position on a special project
  • network with professionals in your field
  • apply for careers prior to graduation
  • obtain a new career while still working your first one

This is only a handful of compelling reasons why it matters what your professors think about you.  Now, answer the question: what would your engineering professors say about you if I were to ask them?  If there is any doubt, get to work and strategize an approach to create those friendly relationships.

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