Habits for a Productive Engineering Semester


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Do you want to maximize your learning potential this semester?  Read this post and the next one for great suggestions on creating habits for a productive engineering semester.

Be Kind

Be Kind to Others

I shouldn’t have to write about this.  But it is important, and it deserves its own paragraph.  Why is it so important that you treat others the way you would want to be treated?  It is important because the more you genuinely give to others, the more you have to offer to the world.  And the way to maximize all the gifts and talents you have to offer to the world is through self-respect and self-love.  What this means is that your words and actions that you project onto other people represent a reflection of yourself.  Those of you who value yourselves, who own self-respect and are comfortable in your own skin will naturally treat others with kindness.  How does this translate to a productive habit for your engineering semester?  Because everything falls into place when you love and respect yourself.

Be Kind to Yourself

What kinds of self-serving actions can you do to help your cause this semester?  For starters, let’s talk about eating.  Your body and brain need fuel.  Feed yourself foods that will nourish you, not deplete you.  Next, I must mention sleeping patterns.  Your brain and your body will perform at higher levels if you provide adequate sleep to them.  Only you can decide what is adequate as every person is different.  Next, think about your mental health.  What are you doing to keep it in shape?  Notice if you are burning out or over studying.  Your brain can handle only so much in a semester – and that’s okay.  Last, do not ever beat up on yourself.  There is no upside to getting down on yourself for mistakes or lapses in judgment.  Everything is a learning experience so practice self-forgiveness.

Don't Procrastinate

Do Not Procrastinate

Staying on top of your work is one way to be kind to yourself.  While it can be tempting to wait a day or 2 prior to your due dates, you open yourself up to stress and overwhelm.  And how does stress or overwhelm help you?  It doesn’t.  If you want to try and maximize your potential this semester, please avoid procrastinating.  When assignments are completed in a hurry due to time constraints, they will not be your best work.  And doing your best work throughout the semester will help prepare you for exams.  And your exams are a major part of your course grades.  Your course grades are a major part of your cumulative GPA.  It all starts at the very basic level of doing your homework and doing it well.  Procrastination is counter-productive to your learning experience.

Read the Post #55 for more suggestions on creating habits for a productive engineering semester.

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