Dreading a New Engineering Semester?

Engineering Semester

Post #52 When Summer Ends

Maybe you had the most fantastic summer away from school.  Or maybe it was just okay.  No matter what you did, it is time to get back into the swing of things.  Some of you are dreading a new engineering semester.  Read on to help get your mind back into an engineering groove so you can create a productive semester.


New Relationships

No doubt, you will see some of the same old faces, especially as you get closer to graduation.  However, how many of your professors are new to you?  And take a look at the people working behind the scenes to run your department.  How many new faces are there this semester?  Take every opportunity to meet with your professors (see Post #15) and to meet with your department (see Post#23).  Despite what you may think, they are delighted to meet you for the first time.  But more importantly, you never know how they may be able to help you in the future.  So don’t be shy and take initiative to introduce yourself for some small chatting.

New Challenges

Most or all of this semester’s courses will be new to you.  And even if they’re not, you still have the challenge of not repeating past mistakes.  View this semester as an opportunity to grow and evolve.  The way you do that is by tackling challenges, failing, and trying again.  Of course, you’re going to learn new material and that’s great.  But in the process, try to learn who you are when life doesn’t go your way.  Be curious about your actions when faced with difficulty.  Life is not always going to go as planned.  The question is:  how do you want to handle those challenges?


New Opportunities

You may be dreading a new engineering semester, but let’s reframe that whole situation for you.  This semester, you may meet a person who can change your life.  You may go to a career fair and get the job offer of your dreams.  Maybe, you might meet your future spouse in one of your classes.  Or, you may have a transformative experience working on a project or report.  You might come up with an idea for an invention to solve a problem.  My whole point to this paragraph is that you never know who or what may surface in your life.  College is not just about your engineering courses; it is about discovering opportunities to further your existence.

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