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Post #33 Part II: You Failed an Engineering Course

It is not all doom and gloom.  Many engineering students can claim they have failed an engineering course.  It’s okay to dwell for a day or two.  But then, you can use this opportunity as a wakeup call.  It’s time to see your professor and tell your parents what they need to hear.

see your professor

Seek Professor Input

Your engineering professor wants to see all students succeed.  But sometimes students fail.  Your professor wants to understand why.  Did they not explain something properly, did they give too much work?  They would like to know your situation for their sake and for yours.  Please go visit the professor to discuss where you think you went wrong.  You also must read Post #15 if you haven’t done so.  Whether it’s a personal matter or you didn’t care for the teaching style, explain to your professor what happened.  This is a great idea because you may end up taking this course again with the same professor.  If you communicate your troubles, they can offer suggestions or ways to help yourself the next time around.


What your Parents Need to Hear

Might your parents be a little disappointed that you failed an engineering course?  Perhaps.  Are you afraid to tell them?  Of course you are.  Hear me loud and clear:  they will get over it!  I am going to give you four reasons why.  First, you will explain how you are going to or that you have already discussed the matter with your academic advisor.  Second, you’re going to explain that you’ve figured out where you think you went wrong.  Third, you will tell them you have a new game plan in mind when you retake the course.  Fourth, you’re going to tell them you’ve spoken with or that you have a scheduled appointment with the professor.  In other words, you are going to tell your parents that despite your weaknesses, you will do everything in your power to learn from this experience.

Take Responsibility

If you want new results, if you want a new grade after you failed an engineering course, you must change your mentality.  The past is the past and everybody learns by failing.  This is what life is all about so don’t make it mean you’re unworthy or that you’re not smart.  Failing means you are human.  Take responsibility for your last semester and be sure to learn from your mistakes.

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