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    How Will you Finish your Engineering Semester?

    Strong Finish

    Post #25 Finish the Semester Stronger than you Started

    We are in mid-April and the semester will be coming to an end in a few weeks.  This is the time when students want to know exactly where they stand in their courses.  Some of you want to know.  Those of you who are worried about your final grades want to know where you stand.  And then some of you calculate backwards by attempting to find the minimum final exam score in order to pass.  Learn here how you can finish your engineering semester on a strong note.

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    Did you Fail An Engineering Exam?

    Fail an Engineering Exam

    Post #17 Failing An Exam Is More Common Than you Think

    Many engineering students may fail an engineering exam.  If you are not used to failing, it can be a jolting shock.  You then decide to make it mean something negative about you.  “Maybe I’m not as smart as I thought …this is devastating…I didn’t work hard enough”, etc.  And the negative thoughts keep rolling in.   I am here to tell you it is not as devastating as it feels when you fail an engineering exam.  Read on for ideas on what to do next.

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    What Would your Engineering Professors Say About You?

    Post #15 Why It Matters What your Professors Think

    Would your engineering professors indicate you are a marvelous, kind person but that they would never hire you?  Maybe your engineering professors appreciate your attempts to utilize office hours for self improvement.  Perhaps they admire your great work ethic and personal drive.  Or, could the opposite be true.  Do your engineering professors know nothing about who you are?  What kinds of comments would they make about you if I were to ask them?