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    Do you Learn From your Mistakes?


    Post #67 Mistakes are Essential to Learning

    According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of a student is a “SCHOLAR, LEARNER.”  How do you suppose one becomes a scholar or a learner?  They fail, they make mistakes, they use poor judgment and they get up to try all over again.  If learning is such a good thing, why beat yourself up over mistakes?  I want you to consider that mistakes are essential to learning.

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    Did you Fail An Engineering Exam?

    Fail an Engineering Exam

    Post #17 Failing An Exam Is More Common Than you Think

    Many engineering students may fail an engineering exam.  If you are not used to failing, it can be a jolting shock.  You then decide to make it mean something negative about you.  “Maybe I’m not as smart as I thought …this is devastating…I didn’t work hard enough”, etc.  And the negative thoughts keep rolling in.   I am here to tell you it is not as devastating as it feels when you fail an engineering exam.  Read on for ideas on what to do next.

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    Post #8 Why Set Goals for Yourself?



    More to Life Than a Degree

    I will give you a hint:  it is not so you can be happy.  And it is not so you can claim bragging rights.  Obviously, one of your main goals as a student is to become educated and earn your degree.  Did you stop to think, however, there are other goals you can set for yourself, and the benefits can be priceless?  Attempting to achieve goals is one of the most important activities you can do to evolve and transform.