How Will you Finish your Engineering Semester?

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Post #25 Finish the Semester Stronger than you Started

We are in mid-April and the semester will be coming to an end in a few weeks.  This is the time when students want to know exactly where they stand in their courses.  Some of you want to know.  Those of you who are worried about your final grades want to know where you stand.  And then some of you calculate backwards by attempting to find the minimum final exam score in order to pass.  Learn here how you can finish your engineering semester on a strong note.

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Visit Your Professors ASAP

As many times as you can, go talk with your professors.  Discuss your performance, effort, strengths and weaknesses, previous homework problems, etc.  I wrote about the importance of professor visits throughout the semester in Post #15.  Please go read that post if you have not already done so.  But now it is crunch time.  If you have not yet paid them a visit this semester, do it asap.  If you have visited your professors, visit them again.  For the sake of your grade, it is important they know who you are and that you care.  It is much better that you visit your professors later in the semester rather than not at all.  And the biggest reason to go see them: they might help you figure out how to improve your grade.


What You Can Do Between Now and Finals Week

How can you prepare to finish your semester on a strong note?  You know most of the answer to this question.  But I will help clear it up.  If you commit to the recommendations below starting right now, you can end your semester confidently:

  • Use your time wisely.  This means no unnecessary weekend trips, no excessive TV or social media, and limiting your leisure time until after the semester.
  • Practice healthy sleeping habits so your brain can function all day every day.
  • Review all homework problems, exams & their solutions.  Understand why the answers are why they are.  If you don’t understand, go find someone who does (students, teaching assistants, professors).
  • Thoroughly finish current projects, reports or homeworks that are due shortly.
  • Read the assigned material.  I know you’re an engineer, but you must have a grasp of the concepts taught during the semester.  If you are unclear about a topic or theory, find someone who can explain.
  • Visit your professors and straight up ask them what you can do to prepare for the final.

These are the best pieces of advice for you to finish your engineering semester on a high note.  You still have time to improve your grades so quit worrying and get moving.

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