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    Do you Struggle with Calculus?


    Post #68 When Calculus is Too Tough for Engineering Students

    Your engineering discipline is almost a perfect fit for you.  Except that you don’t like calculus.  In fact, you may despise it.  You force yourself to do the homework and go through the motions just to get calculus over with.  Read on if this applies to you.  Engineers need calculus like the body needs food.

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    Tired of Writing Engineering Reports?

    Engineering Reports

    Post #63 Why Report Writing is Important

    Your engineering professors are preparing you for your future.  Writing is a daily part of most engineering jobs.  It is a critical form of communication that should complement your engineering skills.  Writing engineering reports is as vital as your technical problem-solving skills.

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    Pulling More Weight Than your Teammates?

    pulling weight

    Post #49 Why This Can Be Okay

    The sensitive topic of team dynamics was briefly discussed in the last blog (see Post #48).  I’d like to expand on this topic a bit more today for two important reasons.  One, it is a very common occurrence both in college as well as in the workforce.  Two, those of you who may carry more than your fair share of work could end up feeling resentful, stressed or worse.  Read on to understand how pulling more weight than your teammates can work in your favor.

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    Are you An Engineering Team Player?


    Post #48 When It’s A Team Effort

    Your engineering courses will probably require a significant amount of teamwork.  There will be reports, presentations and research to be done together as a group.  This can be tricky.  How does a group allocate work evenly among each person while satisfying everyone’s desires?  And what do you do when others don’t seem to be doing their part?  Read on as I will talk about the do’s and don’ts of being an engineering team player.

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    Are you a Straight “A” Student?


    Post #44 Straight A Words of Caution

    If you answer is yes, I want to give you a cautionary congratulations.  For those of you who obtain A’s in all your courses, be aware that even straight A students can be subject to pitfalls.  You would think straight A’s on a transcript will always work in your favor.  However, this is not necessarily the case.  Read on to discover why employers might be suspicious of straight A’s and how you can prepare yourself.

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    Are you a “C” Student?

    Letter C

    Post #43 When your Engineering Grades are Average

    Do you wonder what your future holds if your engineering grades are average?  It may seem that the students with the best GPAs are the ones with multiple internship/job offers.  Just because you may be an average engineering student, however, does not mean you cannot shine or stand out.   Here are some useful things to keep in mind  if your engineering grades are average.