Sept. 2020 Part IV: Fear is Worse when You Resist

fear is worse when you resist

September 2020: Fear

Starting September 2020, I will be creating a monthly series around various topics. The goal is to walk you through a process to help alleviate your concerns surrounding the topic of the month. This post explains that the feeling of fear is worse when you resist it.

Fear is Uncomfortable

Fear is an emotion, and emotions cannot hurt you. Despite how awful or terrible fear may seem, it will never hurt you, because emotions are simply tissue configurations inside the body. That is what you learned in Part III.

Why does fear feel so terrible then … why do we go to great lengths to avoid feeling fear?

It is because we are trying to push something away that is uncomfortable. We are often not taught how to manage our emotions. And we are usually not taught the purpose of emotions in the first place. Yet, we’re handed this life journey wherein we are supposed to make major choices in difficult circumstances with constant obstacles.

It is no wonder we try to force uncomfortable emotions away! Fear does not feel pleasant or motivating, especially the irrational ones. Since we’ve not been taught how to deal with fear, we often resort to resisting it. Fear is worse when you resist.

The Worst Thing

When we feel uncomfortable feelings, whether fear or something else, we do not know how to allow those negative feelings. Essentially what we do is we run away from them, or ignore them, or deny them, or blame others, or indulge, etc. In other words, we tend to resist fear. The bad thing about that? Fear is worse when you resist it.

When we resist fear, we don’t have to deal with it. But, dealing with fear, or any negative feeling, involves the process of feeling it within. Feeling within means we allow it to exist and embrace it without judgment. Essentially, we let it run its course as if it follows a flowchart.

If we can learn to allow the fear, feel it within and embrace the fact is it a normal part of life, it would not be nearly as bad. Resisting fear is worse than the fear itself.

Helpful Hint #4 Resisting fear is worse than feeling it.  Click here to view Part V.

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