Sept. 2020 Part III: Fear is Just an Emotion

fear is just an emotion

September 2020: Fear

Starting September 2020, I will be creating a monthly series around various topics. The goal is to walk you through a process to help alleviate your concerns surrounding the topic of the month. This blog post explains that fear is just an emotion and emotions cannot hurt you.

What is Fear, Anyway?

Thanks to Part II, you now understand that we are all flawed human beings. No one person is better or more perfect than another. Along with flaws come a variety of emotions and energy we experience – fear is a common one. What I taught you in the last post is that the fear will always be there; it is part of our human life.

But what exactly is fear? What is it about fear that holds us back?

Simply put, fear is energy, or an emotion in the body. All emotions are a result of body tissue arrangements. In other words, your body produces vibrations that resonate from muscle and tissue configurations. Based on these configurations, you will experience emotions.

So, fear is just an emotion.

Great News for You

If fear is just as emotion, why is this important to know?

It’s not just good to know – it’s actually excellent for you to know! It is helpful and relieving to understand that an emotion like fear is just an arrangement of body tissues at any given moment. This arrangement of body tissues cannot hurt you!

As terrible as fear may seem, the worst thing about it is when we run from or resist it (see next post). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, the biggest takeaway is to remember fear is an energy within that will not harm you.

It is no reason to be ashamed, it is no reason to feel weak, and it certainly is no reason to judge. Fear is human, fear is normal, fear is just an emotion.

Helpful Hint #3: Emotions cannot hurt you.  Click here to view Part IV.

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