Sept. 2020 Part V: Don’t Allow Fear to Stop You

don't allow fear to stop you

Sept. 2020: Fear

Starting September 2020, I will be writing a series about a different monthly theme. The goal is to walk you through a process to help alleviate your concerns surrounding the topic of the month. This post sums up the reasons why fear should not stop you from pursuing a dream.

Fear is One Perspective of Many

Let’s recap some of the most important things you’ve learned about fear, refer to Part IV:

  • It is not just you! Despite others’ actions, they are afraid, too.
  • There is nothing wrong with you if you are afraid; it is a natural human feeling.
  • Fear will always be present in one form or another, so stop running from it.
  • Avoid putting yourself down due to your fears.
  • Fear is simply an emotion, and emotions cannot harm you.
  • You compound the effects of fear when you try to run from, ignore, avoid, or resist it.
  • Embrace fear as part of your life’s journey; it is a human characteristic.

Don’t allow fear to stop you. One tactic that may help is to think critically about other perspectives. For example, what if you never ever felt fear in your life? In this case, you would be comfortable and secure but stagnant. Being afraid means you’re pushing yourself, you’re learning, you’re doing something right!

Another tactic to help you get comfortable with fear is to imagine worst case scenario. When you think you’ve imagined worst case, keep going and don’t stop. Take yourself to that worst place and answer: “What would I do?” Your brain will eventually come up with answers, and you will realize ‘worst case’ is not as bad as you think!

Don’t Allow Fear to Stop You

The bottom line is that leaders, thinkers, and anyone who impacts the world understands that fear is no reason to stop. Imagine all the technology and conveniences we would not enjoy if people were afraid to take the next step. Imagine how different the world would look if people were too afraid to fail.

Fear can be an indication that you are learning, even if that involves failure. Fear is natural, fear is okay, fear is even desirable in some circumstances. Discomfort is the path to your dreams; go ahead and be afraid along the way.

Just as your digestive system digests food to nourish the body, allow your brain to digest fear so it can nourish your development.

Helpful Hint #5 Resisting fear will rob your dreams come true.

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