Jan. 2021 Part I: Worried About the Future

worried about the future

Jan. 2021: I Fear the Unknown Future

Starting September 2020, I will be writing a monthly series around different topic. The goal is to walk you through a weekly process to help alleviate concerns surrounding the topic of the month. January’s theme is worried about the future, and this week’s post will help prepare you for a mindset change.

Worst Case Scenarios

Your job offer or internship fell through. Since you’re still adjusting to online courses, current grades aren’t stellar. Oh, and you desperately wish you could go back to the classroom. You are worried about the future.

If you think about it, the evidence is piling up. The evidence that the universe is against you. The evidence that nothing ever goes as planned, despite your determined efforts. Why do things have to be this way, you wonder? Why is it people before you got to experience the real college lifestyle, and you must quarantine?

Listen up, it is easy and tempting to ask yourself negative questions. Other questions people ask include: “Why does COVID have to happen just as my career was thriving” … “Why didn’t I choose a different occupation, one that wouldn’t expose me to sick people?” … “How am I supposed to pay back all my loans for school when nobody’s hiring?”

Should you dwell on some of these, you will only get worried about the future. You may feel helpless – we have no say in how COVID is going to act. You have no vote in who hires and who fires. A vaccine is being rolled out as we speak, and you think you know who should get first rights. You’re frustrated because despite your impeccable resume, it means little if nobody is hiring.

Prepare to Turn Things Around

I am going to help you stop feeling so terrible. My January 2021 series is going to feed your mind some mental nutrition. I will walk you through concepts and examples that you can apply to your own life for better well being.

Get ready to say goodbye to feeling like a victim. Say goodbye to helplessness and disempowerment. No longer a need to be worried about the future.

Sharpen your pencil, roll up your sleeves, and concentrate on the next three Parts so you can rise above.

Helpful Hint #1: COVID or not, the good news is that the future is always unknown!

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