Jan. 2021 Part II: Your Life Curriculum

your life curriculum

Jan. 2021: I Fear the Unknown Future

Starting September 2020, I will be writing a monthly series around different topic. The goal is to walk you through a weekly process to help alleviate concerns surrounding the topic of the month. January’s theme is fear of the unknown future, and this week’s article explains what your life curriculum looks like.

Your Life Curriculum

What does this term mean?

Similar to a semester syllabus, your life curriculum is like an outline. It is a special outline, unique to only you. Your life curriculum includes all the external circumstances you will face during your lifetime. It includes the people in your life, the words people say, COVID and other events, the news, and all things external to you. Examples include:


Most of the items included in your life curriculum are beyond your control.

However, unlike the semester syllabus, your life curriculum is not provided to you ahead of time. This is where life gets tricky! Your future curriculum is completely unknown, despite all the detailed plans you may create for yourself.

Part of the challenge is to manage your unknown life curriculum with knowledge you have in the moment. The other challenge is that nobody else in the world has the same curriculum as you.

Your job is to create a healthy, productive and fulfilling life given your special curriculum.


Your first question probably starts with a ‘but.’ You wonder, “But … how am I supposed to find a job given COVID … how am I supposed to gain experience if nobody is hiring … it’s unfair that I got COVID … etc.” Your thoughts are racing right now. You might believe you were born at the wrong time. Or you might tell yourself you are so disadvantaged.

I would like to offer a critical insight into your life.

Obstacles, roadblocks and challenges are not only inevitable but are necessary. You cannot possibly evolve or become stronger if life is comfortable all the time. Your brain will not transform into a higher version if you always get what you want.

And I will take this one step further. Here is another nugget for you to remember for the duration of your life. The biggest rewards in life will be found by defeating your obstacles. I know, it sounds far fetched right now. The more challenges and failures you overcome, the more resilient and stable you will become.

So please, do not resist reality and your unique life curriculum. Embrace it, accept it, and work with it.

Helpful Hint #2: Life is not about succeeding despite your circumstances; it’s about succeeding because of them.

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