Is Engineering Worth It?

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Post #21 When you Blame your Engineering Major

Why does it seem that students in other majors get to have more fun?  Do you blame your engineering major for causing you to “miss out” on the college experience?  Maybe you feel that engineering students are the only ones who must work on projects during every holiday.  And it’s not fair.  Is engineering worth it?


Take Responsibility

One thing you believe is that people in other majors don’t have to “work as hard.”  Other majors don’t ask as much of their students.  And other majors offer “easy” courses.  These are a few thoughts that engineering students like to dwell upon.  These are also a few common thoughts that can make engineering students show up as cocky know-it-alls.  Take responsibility for your choice to be an engineering student.  It is a privilege and an honor.

It’s a Great Foundation

Engineering may only be temporary for you.  Some of you will decide this is what you need to be doing for the rest of your life.  Others of you will decide to pursue other avenues and there are many reasons for doing so.  There are no rules stating once an engineer you must always be an engineer.  An engineering degree is a valuable foundation on which to build upon.  Many graduate schools welcome engineering students:  technology, business, finance, medical, law, science, veterinary medicine, and management to name a few.

Your Future

You Made a Commitment

As an engineering student, you have made a commitment to yourself.  You are committed to learning and to setting yourself up for a bright future.  What if that means you must work harder than others?  Are you willing to do what it takes right now to create a fascinating future full of possibilities?  While it may be tempting to compare yourself to others, you know what’s best for you.  If you committed to being an engineering student, then be all in and do it 100%.

Is engineering worth it?  Think of your engineering major this way:  if it were easy, everybody would do it.  If you feel you are missing out on life or that you must work harder than others, you’re not future focused.  Your commitment to engineering is a commitment you made to your long term well-being.

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