Do You Hate an Engineering Class?

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Post #20 When You Hate An Engineering Class

How many times have you complained to friends that you hate an engineering class?  You worked so hard to get into engineering school and now you must take courses you don’t like!  What’s up with that?  This wasn’t what you had in mind, was it?

Just Do It

Quit Resisting

Are you doing yourself any favors by constantly dwelling on that fact that you hate an engineering classs?  The answer is no.  After venting once or twice to friends, it’s time to accept reality and quit fighting.  If you must pass this course as part of your curriculum, if there is no way around it, then quit resisting.  Instead, take the energy you spend hating on the class and use it toward investing in yourself.  Learn the material, get help when you need it, pass the class and move on.

It’s Part of the Deal

In case you haven’t been told, your engineering curriculum is not so you can tailor to your desires.  Most schools have requirements that have nothing to do with what students want.  The job of your school is to assemble a program that will satisfy boards, committees, politicians and governments.  You do not have a say in whether you can skip an elective or substitute one engineering course for another.  When you signed up for your engineering major, you also signed up to take the good with the bad.

Real Life

Get Used to It

I must break the news to you that sometimes, as a student, you will be required to do things you just don’t want to do.  This includes schoolwork, labs, projects, presentations, leading teams and the list goes on.  However, this is great practice for your future professional career.  Like it or not, you will be tasked with duties that you will not always want to perform.


Your job as an engineering student does not come with the luxury of liking every course you are required to pass.  Of course, it helps if you like your courses, that would be ideal.  But there is no way to predict how your courses may help you in the future.  Instead of thinking about how you hate an engineering class, you can try to view it with fascination and curiosity.

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