Do you Meet With your Engineering Academic Advisor?


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Do you know your academic advisor’s name?  Do you have an urge to talk to them about something but you’re too embarrassed?  Your academic advisor is getting paid a salary to help you.  Advisors make sure you are on track to graduate.  But advisors can serve to help you in other ways.  When did you last meet with your engineering academic advisor?


Graduation Requirements

Your academic advisor is aware of your program requirements for graduation.  Curriculum requirements are not always obvious, and rules can change from year to year.  Perhaps that substitute math class you took a few years ago no longer counts.  Maybe you re-took a course but your new official grade was never updated.  Did you know that you probably cannot graduate if you owe any outstanding fees?  My whole point is to let you know that you should meet with your engineering academic advisor throughout the semester.  There may be circumstances that could delay your graduation and your advisor can help uncover these for you.

Your School is Investing in You

Another reason to meet with your engineering academic advisor: you’re paying for their assistance!  Grants, scholarships or not, your school is paying their salary.  Your school is making this investment in you to help you make decisions and to be a successful student.  Do not ever feel like you are being a bother.  Your advisor’s job is assist you as the student, whatever that may look like.

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Liaison for Campus Resources

Do you hate to admit that you’re feeling too much pressure?  Too much stress?  Do you need ideas about how to explain your poor grades to your parents?  Perhaps you just need an unbiased person to bounce ideas off.  One of your best options is to meet with your academic advisor.  If you know of other trusted resources (professors, school employees, assistants) that’s great, too.  But do not forget that your advisor is aware of campus resources.  Academic advisors can collaborate with other departments on your behalf.  They have the knowledge to be able to point you in a direction if you are clueless.  You should pursue conversations with your academic advisor whether you have other options or none at all.

In conclusion, it is in your best interest to meet with your engineering academic advisor throughout the semester.  Whether it’s small chit-chat or serious conversation, you never know what kind of helpful information they can offer you.  You are paying for their help so take advantage!

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