Dec. 2020 Part III: Separate Fact from Fiction

separate fact from fiction

Dec. 2020: How to Feel Better

Starting September 2020, I will be writing a monthly series around different topic. The goal is to walk you through a weekly process to help alleviate concerns surrounding the topic of the month. December’s theme is how to feel better, and this week you will learn how to separate fact from fiction.


In Part II, you learned that the energy matters – the energy, or emotions, behind your behaviors. You learned that repeating the same actions can produce different results. Those results depend on the energy fueling the actions, positive or negative.

But, you also learned that your beliefs and thoughts generate feelings. Therefore, if you want your feelings to change, you should know what it is you’re thinking. This is a great first step towards self-awareness.

Are your beliefs true (facts), or are they fiction (narratives or stories you tell yourself are truths)?

It is critical to separate fact from fiction if you want to stay in touch with your feelings. An easy rule of thumb: fiction almost always includes subjective opinions.

For example, a belief you may hold is that “I have a great roommate.” You think this is true. But what’s true is that you have a roommate. Whether the roommate is great or not is a matter of opinion.

Just because you believe something to be true doesn’t mean it is!


Facts are undisputed truths that are objective. Here are a few examples:

  • COVID is a pandemic
  • Dogs are canines
  • The earth is round
  • My major is engineering

Those are example facts stated as unbiased truths that can be proven. As soon as you insert an opinionated word, it is no longer fact:

  • COVID is a terrible pandemic
  • Dogs are helpful canines
  • The damaged earth is round
  • My tough major is engineering 

Helpful Hint #3: Facts are provable and objective; thoughts and beliefs are subjective.

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