Dec. 2020 Part II: Same Behavior, Different Results

same behavior, different results

Part II Dec. 2020: How to Feel Better

Starting September 2020, I will be writing a monthly series around different topic. The goal is to walk you through a weekly process to help alleviate concerns surrounding the topic of the month. December’s theme is how to feel better, and this week you will learn why the same actions, or behaviors, may not always produce the same results.

Same Behavior, Different Results

In Part I, you learned that thoughts, or beliefs, generate energy inside of you. This energy is referred to as emotions or feelings. What you also learned is that your behaviors directly come from this energy inside you. Thus, the energy fueling your behaviors will determine if your outcome is positive or negative.

You cannot take action from a negative energy and expect a positive result.

For example, let’s use the act of exercise. You may exercise from a mental space of “I’d rather be doing other things … I’m going to force it … this isn’t fun, etc.” In this case, your negative energy fueling the exercise is coming from negative beliefs. This exercise routine won’t last long!

On the other hand, you may believe something similar to, “I’m going to take care of my body … I value my health … I’m going to invest in my future, etc.” These beliefs will produce positive energy. This positive energy is going to positively fuel your exercise. Thus, it is a much more sustainable routine.

In this example, you had the same behavior, different results.

Belief Systems

In the example above, you may be wondering, “How do I change my beliefs?” Perhaps you realize the negative thoughts and negative feelings that fuel your action of exercising.

Changing your beliefs is a process that can take time. Just as you go to the gym to lose fat and build new muscle, the concept of building new thoughts takes work. That is what I do as a life coach. The short answer is that you start slowly and take baby steps.

For example, if your current thought is, “I’d rather be doing other things,” I’d encourage you to tweak it just a bit. Tweak it so that it’s still believable but not as negative.

That could look like:

  • I can be doing other things
  • There are other things I could be doing
  • I’ve got things on my to-do list
  • There are things worse than this

You get the idea. Sometimes the change in belief is so small but so powerful. Then the following week you work to tweak the new thought. You try on different thoughts that again are believable but not as negative. This is the process, folks! You rinse and repeat until you’re happy with the new belief.

Helpful Hint #2: The same behaviors do not always cause the same results.

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