Dec. 2020 Part I: Your Thoughts and Feelings

how to feel better

Dec. 2020: How to Feel Better

Starting September 2020, I will be writing a monthly series around different topic. The goal is to walk you through a weekly process to help you manage the topic of the month. December’s theme is how to feel better, and this week you will learn the purpose of thoughts and feelings.

Your Thoughts and Beliefs

We’ve all felt terrible at times. Sometimes, we fell so awful that we’ll do almost anything to get away from it. Stop for a moment and ask yourself, what is it you are so desperately trying to get away from? What exactly is it that is so awful, you’d risk other areas of your life so you can figure out how to feel better?

What you’re running from is a feeling, or emotion. Whether frustration, anger, sadness, shame, etc., the common denominator is these are all feelings. A feeling, or an energy, is nothing more than an arrangement of your body tissues at any given moment in time.

Feelings, or emotions, are harmless in and of themselves. They are simply vibrations caused in the body, and they are caused by the way you think. The way this works is that you have a thought, this thought creates energy inside you. The question now becomes: what is so important about feelings, or energy?

Your Feelings: Emotional Energy

The purpose of our energy is to provoke action. All your behaviors, all of your actions (and inactions) are due to your feelings, or energy. Are you feeling great? You will probably do great things. Feeling terrible? In the midst of trying to figure out how to feel better, you may engage in self-destructive or distracting actions. Usually, these negative actions give your life negative momentum.

The important takeaway here is to understand what is the energy behind your actions? The energy going into your behaviors will make all the difference. You cannot take action from a negative energy and expect a positive result.

Today’s lesson about how to feel better is that your beliefs and thoughts cause emotions. Emotions are vibrational energy inside your body.This vibrational energy fuels your actions and behaviors. Thus, a helpful practice is to recognize what it is you are thinking, what kind of energy is produced, and what are the resultant behaviors.

Helpful Hint #1: Thoughts create energy in your body; energy fuels your behaviors.

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