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    Do you Dream About your Dream Job?

    dream job

    Post #96 Hoping to Find ‘The One’

    Life is tough as an engineering student with deadlines, courses and labs. Throw resumes, career fairs and job searching into the mix. You have a perfect vision about your dream job. Future plans include rigouous hunt for the best job at a reputable company. After all, you worked hard and you deserve a great reward. Right?


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    What Do Engineers Do?


    Post #51 The Mystery of Engineering Duties

    You try to diligently read job descriptions word for word only to be left feeling confused.  Job postings can be so vague that they leave you with more questions than answers.  “Lead team through processes and collaborate as necessary.  Accountable for customer satisfaction.  Manage project budget and schedule.”  These are all vague and common examples.  But, what does that actually mean?  What do engineers do?

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    Are you a Straight “A” Student?


    Post #44 Straight A Words of Caution

    If you answer is yes, I want to give you a cautionary congratulations.  For those of you who obtain A’s in all your courses, be aware that even straight A students can be subject to pitfalls.  You would think straight A’s on a transcript will always work in your favor.  However, this is not necessarily the case.  Read on to discover why employers might be suspicious of straight A’s and how you can prepare yourself.

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    Are you a “C” Student?

    Letter C

    Post #43 When your Engineering Grades are Average

    Do you wonder what your future holds if your engineering grades are average?  It may seem that the students with the best GPAs are the ones with multiple internship/job offers.  Just because you may be an average engineering student, however, does not mean you cannot shine or stand out.   Here are some useful things to keep in mind  if your engineering grades are average.

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    Why Do your Transcripts Matter?


    Post #41 Three Items Recorded on Transcripts

    Is it likely your next (or any) employer will review your college transcripts?  There is no way to know.  Some employers will scrutinize every transcript and other employers won’t.  Be aware of items listed on your transcripts other than completed grades (also see Post #40)   Read this post to learn about three items recorded on transcripts!

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    Are you Ready to Dominate Your Engineering Internship?

    dominate your engineering internship

    Post #29 How to be the Best Intern

    What will everyone say about you as you fulfill your internship duties?  What will they say after your departure and you are back on campus?  Everything you do and say as an intern will influence the degree to which your employer appreciates you.  In order to dominate your engineering internship, it helps to act like every person is your boss.