Post #2: Are your Head and your Heart All In?

Some of you have no doubt that you are meant to be an engineering student.  You’re excited about many of your courses, you welcome the challenges and your gut tells you this is where you belong.  You feel authentic and validated when telling others you are an engineering student.  There is a lot to be said for the security of knowing your major feels natural to you.  But some of you reading this post don’t feel as secure.

Some of you are worrying yourselves sick because you still haven’t decided if engineering is the right “fit.”  Some of you are in engineering because you don’t know what other majors have to offer.  Perhaps you are in engineering because your financial resources may disappear otherwise.  Many of you are in an engineering program hoping to learn how to build cool things.  Others are here due to the convenience of an engineering scholarship.

I am going to ask you to forget about external circumstances for a moment.  Forget about threats, ignore financial worries or family matters for just five minutes.  Then think about your mental and emotional status in terms of your engineering major.  Is your head all in?  Is your heart all in? I am here to tell you that engineering courses are no joke.  If both your heart and soul are not all in, it is possible you may be setting yourself up for an uphill battle.

If it feels relieving or satisfying to think about other majors, then go investigate.  Research every single major on campus if necessary.  Go talk to tutors/teaching assistants/career advisors/professors.  Investigate majors that perhaps are not available on your campus.  If engineering is truly not your passion, you need to recognize that this is OK.  You also need to know there are other options available and campus resources can help.  Financial, emotional and academic support can be made available to you if you seek them out.  You do have the ability to make intentional, deliberate decisions.  Whether it is engineering or anything else, go create a life for yourself on purpose – do not live by default!

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