• Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing,  Engineering Major

    Post #5: Is it Just you or Does Everyone Struggle?


    Is it Just You?

    When you look around, do you feel like everyone else gets it?  Do you a have knot in your stomach because you did not understand something the first time around?  Maybe you are wondering why you cannot be as smart.  You feel inadequate because you have looked at your engineering homework many times without knowing where to start or how to finish.  And you wonder:  am I the only one?

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    Post #2: Are your Head and your Heart All In?

    Some of you have no doubt that you are meant to be an engineering student.  You’re excited about many of your courses, you welcome the challenges and your gut tells you this is where you belong.  You feel authentic and validated when telling others you are an engineering student.  There is a lot to be said for the security of knowing your major feels natural to you.  But some of you reading this post don’t feel as secure.

  • Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing,  Engineering Major

    Post #1: Do you Belong in Engineering?

    Congratulations.  You are here.  You are an engineering student.  And you have earned the privilege to study among some of the most talented people in one of the most challenging majors: engineering.  This is not an easy goal to have accomplished so give yourself a large pat on the back.  How did you accomplish this?  Perhaps a little motivation, a little pressure, natural talent or a combination of several drivers.  You are here because you are capable, you are driven, you are smart and most of all, you WANT to be here.  Or do you?