Sept. 2020 Part I: It is Natural to Feel Fear

natural to feel fear

September 2020: Fear

Starting September 2020, I will be creating a monthly series around various topics. The goal is to walk you through a process to help alleviate your concerns surrounding the topic of the month. This blog post explains that it is very natural to feel fear.

What Ifs

It is natural to feel fear as a student, and the reasons are infinite. What if: your courses are too difficult; you can’t find friends; you run out of money; others think you are awkward; you want to switch majors but your family won’t allow it … We could name a million things that may trigger fear.

If this is your first time away from home and you’re living on campus, it is all the more reason to be afraid. Regardless of your reasons, there is one thing that can compound all your fears. There is something quite simple you may be doing to exacerbate the issue.

You and Everyone Else

You may be singling yourself out, wondering, “why don’t others seem lost; how do people always know what they’re doing; why can’t I be like them…” You might believe you are the only one who is fearful, and this can make matters worse.

Despite what your peers do or say, they are all afraid, too. It is only natural to feel fear, that’s what humans do. What many students are good at doing is hiding it. You hide your fear from others, they hide their fear from you.

It’s Only Natural

I’d like to offer a bit of relief and remind you that everyone walks around with fear; it is natural to feel fear. Do not feel as if you are the only one. And you don’t have to wonder how other students appear to have their act together … because they don’t!

Fear is completely, humanly normal. It is not just you.

Helpful Hint #1: Everyone around you is scared, too!  Click here to view Part II.

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