Jan. 2021 Part IV: Beliefs are Optional

beliefs are optional

Jan. 2021: I Fear the Unknown Future

Starting September 2020, I will be writing a monthly series around different topic. The goal is to walk you through a weekly process to help alleviate concerns surrounding the topic of the month. January’s theme is fear of the unknown future, and today you will learn that beliefs are optional.

In Part III, you learned how to separate beliefs from reality. Why is this important? Because your beliefs are optional. You get to choose whatever it is you want to believe. It is your choice, and it is part of your responsibility to choose your beliefs wisely.

You didn’t know your beliefs are optional? Yep, they sure are! You get to decide, and sometimes re-decide, how and what you want to believe. The purpose of our beliefs is to generate our energy so we can make an impact in the world (see Dec. 2020 Part V).

Let us use the example beliefs from Part III so I can demonstrate how beliefs are optional.

Belief 1: COVID-19 is terrible for humanity

Remember, this is not a fact, this is just your thought. Could you have other thoughts about this … yes! Perhaps:

Optional Belief 1: COVID-19 has forced us to make adjustments

Optional Belief 2: COVID-19 forced me to spend more time with myself

Optional Belief 3: COVID-19 has transformed the classroom and the workplace

We can go on and list many optional beliefs. Those are simply other ways of thinking about the original “COVID-19 is terrible for humanity.”

Let us try the same exercise for Example Belief 2 from Part III:

Belief 2: The world is getting worse

Optional Belief 1: The world is changing

Optional Belief 2: The world looks different than when I was a kid

Optional Belief 3: The world is evolving

The idea here is that you can control what it is you believe. Are there instances in which you are creating unnecessary drama or anxiety due to your skewed beliefs?

It takes some creativity, and it take some brain work, but you do have the ability to assess and decide what you want to believe. Remember, your beliefs are optional and serve as the catalyst to create energy inside you. This energy allows you to take either positive or negative action.

Thus, your actions and behaviors are dependent on your energy (or emotions). And that energy comes directly from your beliefs and thoughts. Therefore, you want to be in control of your own beliefs as much as possible!

Helpful Hint #4: Do not believe things by default; re-decide what it is you want to believe for your life.

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