How to Choose an Engineering Discipline?

Choose an Engineering Discipline

Post #64 When you Can’t Decide

It is common to be torn between engineering disciplines that can have some overlap.  Mechanical engineering or aerospace engineering?  Biological or environmental engineering?  Read this if you’re wondering, “How do I choose an engineering discipline?”

No wrong choice

Fear of Missing Out

You analyze, you investigate, and you even interview current students in your programs of interest.  Yet, you hesitate to make that final choice because a lingering voice insists you might miss out on something.  As engineers, we want to do it all, but we must pick and choose.  So, we convince ourselves that if we’re methodical enough, we will surely make the right choice.  But, a part of you will always wonder…

No Such Thing as “Right or Wrong” Choice

As an engineering student, you may believe that there is a right or wrong choice.  I will tell you that if you’ve got it narrowed down to two disciplines you dearly love, you cannot go wrong.  And this applies regardless of any possible overlap.  Either discipline will provide you the means to a phenomenal result:  your development.  Either choice will force you to evolve and to prepare for the outside world.  Both disciplines will be challenging.  Both disciplines will enable you to develop critical thinking and analytical skills.  The reason neither is the wrong choice is because you have a strong “why.”  Your reasons “why” for each discipline are highly motivating and passionate.

Right Now

Go With your Present Gut

Students tend to choose an engineering discipline based on a specific industry, job or company.  Engineering is a flexible degree; it will allow you to transfer many skills.  This may be difficult to grasp, but I do have a piece of advice.  Choose the passion that you most want to study in the immediate future.  Take 1 second to answer : “What do I mostly see myself studying in the next few years?”  Without analyzing every angle, I’m guessing there is a discipline that resonates with your gut.

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