Didn’t Receive a Job Offer?

Post #13 If you Didn’t Receive a Job Offer, Read This

Every person will be turned down after an interview at some point.  Sure, it may be disappointing or shocking at first, but it happens for the right reasons.  And remember, it is only a temporary feeling, it is not a reason to beat yourself up.  I am going to reframe your perception of the fact that you didn’t receive a job offer.  And I will also explain how you can use it as a tool moving forward.  So, stay with me here, if you dig a little deep with an open mind, it is not all bad!

The More You Interview, the More Confidence You Gain

Who doesn’t need practice at interviewing?  With each interview you attend, think of it as an opportunity to practice being uncomfortable.  The more you practice, the more you will improve and the more your discomfort will dissipate.  Trust me when I say that virtually nobody likes to be interviewed.  Accept the fact that they are a necessary part of your professional life.  Some colleges offer resources to their students who want to practice interviewing.  I highly recommend you look into this option, it is a great start to help you become more comfortable with your skills.

Don’t Make It Personal

Rejection is not as bad as it feels.  I understand in the moment, it feels terrible and your brain wants to know what you did wrong.  But I am here to tell you that every time it will hurt a little less.  Also, if the interviewers are respectful, they will explain why you did not receive the offer.  But what if you are offered zero explanation?  Be careful if you find yourself immersed in the questions of, “Why didn’t I get it?  What could I have done better?”  Instead, accept the fact they did not hire you.  Next, recognize this is not the end of the world.  Last, understand that the rejection is not about you.  Rather, the rejection is about the fact that they had a very particular kind of individual in mind (Read Post #10 if you haven’t done so).  Do not ever take the rejection personally.

The Employer Did You a Favor

As badly as you wanted that offer, it wasn’t the right one.  If you read Post #10, you will know that employers look for specific personalities during the interview process.  What this means is that a job is not just about the relevant duties.  A large part of every job involves people having to work together and play nice.  Your employer knows exactly the kind of people the new-hire or the intern will be working with.  They want to be sure that they can match the needs of their team with the proper academic credentials as well as a compatible personality.  Different companies enable very different working cultures.  If the interviewers determined their employees would not make a good professional match for you, then they have done you a great favor.   Remember that if an employer does not agree to hire you, they believe their working culture is not in your best interest.  Don’t be angry, bitter or depressed if you have been rejected, be thankful!

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