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    What Do Engineers Do?


    Post #51 The Mystery of Engineering Duties

    You try to diligently read job descriptions word for word only to be left feeling confused.  Job postings can be so vague that they leave you with more questions than answers.  “Lead team through processes and collaborate as necessary.  Accountable for customer satisfaction.  Manage project budget and schedule.”  These are all vague and common examples.  But, what does that actually mean?  What do engineers do?

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    Engineering Leadership Skills?


    Post #46 How To Discover Yours

    You have heard, like a broken record, that employers want students with leadership skills.  This may not make sense to you because your current focus is how to be an engineer.  Read this post if you are overwhelmed by thinking about your engineering leadership skills.  I guarantee there are leadership skills within you; we can find them with a little creative thinking.

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    Didn’t Receive a Job Offer?

    Post #13 If you Didn’t Receive a Job Offer, Read This

    Every person will be turned down after an interview at some point.  Sure, it may be disappointing or shocking at first, but it happens for the right reasons.  And remember, it is only a temporary feeling, it is not a reason to beat yourself up.  I am going to reframe your perception of the fact that you didn’t receive a job offer.  And I will also explain how you can use it as a tool moving forward.  So, stay with me here, if you dig a little deep with an open mind, it is not all bad!