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    Are you Coachable?


    Post #77 There are Always Others Who Know More

    Some people welcome new ideas and constructive criticism. Other folks prefer to stick with what they know and reject differing perspectives. No matter your circumstance or stature, stay open to learning from others. Here are three ways to boost your knowledge and make yourself more coachable.

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    Are you a Straight “A” Student?


    Post #44 Straight A Words of Caution

    If you answer is yes, I want to give you a cautionary congratulations.  For those of you who obtain A’s in all your courses, be aware that even straight A students can be subject to pitfalls.  You would think straight A’s on a transcript will always work in your favor.  However, this is not necessarily the case.  Read on to discover why employers might be suspicious of straight A’s and how you can prepare yourself.