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    Why Do your Transcripts Matter?


    Post #41 Three Items Recorded on Transcripts

    Is it likely your next (or any) employer will review your college transcripts?  There is no way to know.  Some employers will scrutinize every transcript and other employers won’t.  Be aware of items listed on your transcripts other than completed grades (also see Post #40)   Read this post to learn about three items recorded on transcripts!

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    Do you Struggle in Summer School?


    Post #38 Three Things to Know About Summer Courses

    Virtually nobody enjoys taking courses over the summer.  It sounds great in theory because you can retake courses or get ahead in your curriculum.  But after a week or two into it, have you found yourself wondering why you enrolled?  Trust me when I tell you that come August, you will be thankful you got these classes out of the way.  There are three things to know about summer courses to help you take full advantage during summer school.

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    Have you Conducted an Informational Interview?

    Informational Interviews

    Post #16 You Can Learn From Engineering Professionals

    If you can conduct informational interviews, you will gain ammunition to help yourself shape your future.  For those who do not know, an informational interview is your opportunity to ask working professionals career-related questions.  You essentially are learning about their thought processes, what works for them and what doesn’t.  Why does this matter to you?  It matters because you get exposures from a professional point of view.  These interviewees may be in the exact job you want or in the exact job you may have.  Your purpose right now as a student is to put yourself in the best position to make deliberate choices about your future.