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    What are Leadership Qualities?

    leadership qualities

    Post #76 Useful Leadership Tips

    You’ve undoubtedly heard how “employers want leadership skills.” Does anybody articulate what that means or what you should do about it (see Post #46)? Certainly, not every student is meant to reside as President or VP of a student organization. Read on to learn how to apply practical leadership qualities no matter your stature.

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    How to Influence Others?

    influence others

    Post #75 Increase your Leadership Qualities

    Stop and think about how many people in your life you try to influence. Let’s start with family members, classmates, professors, friends, potential employers, etc. Stop and think about the tactics you use and how effective they are. I am going to share some useful information to help you understand how to influence others.

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    Pulling More Weight Than your Teammates?

    pulling weight

    Post #49 Why This Can Be Okay

    The sensitive topic of team dynamics was briefly discussed in the last blog (see Post #48).  I’d like to expand on this topic a bit more today for two important reasons.  One, it is a very common occurrence both in college as well as in the workforce.  Two, those of you who may carry more than your fair share of work could end up feeling resentful, stressed or worse.  Read on to understand how pulling more weight than your teammates can work in your favor.

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    Engineering Leadership Skills?


    Post #46 How To Discover Yours

    You have heard, like a broken record, that employers want students with leadership skills.  This may not make sense to you because your current focus is how to be an engineer.  Read this post if you are overwhelmed by thinking about your engineering leadership skills.  I guarantee there are leadership skills within you; we can find them with a little creative thinking.