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    Regrets as an Engineering Student

    done differently

    Post #30 What I Would have Done Differently

    I’m going to take the opportunity to use this post to talk about myself.  All my posts are based on my experiences as engineering student, engineering academic advisor as well as corporate/government engineer.  However, today I am going to visit the past and share some regrets as an engineering student.

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    Are you Ready to Dominate Your Engineering Internship?

    dominate your engineering internship

    Post #29 How to be the Best Intern

    What will everyone say about you as you fulfill your internship duties?  What will they say after your departure and you are back on campus?  Everything you do and say as an intern will influence the degree to which your employer appreciates you.  In order to dominate your engineering internship, it helps to act like every person is your boss.

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    Anxious About your First Engineering Internship?

    first engineering internship

    Post #27 Your First Engineering Internship

    The semester is coming to an end and some of you will be traveling to your first engineering internship.  You’re excited, yet you kind of feel like vomiting.  What will you actually be doing?  What if they don’t like you?  It is completely reasonable and common for students to be anxious about their first engineering internship.  Read on – it’s not as scary as you make it out to be!