Anxious About your First Engineering Internship?

first engineering internship

Post #27 Your First Engineering Internship

The semester is coming to an end and some of you will be traveling to your first engineering internship.  You’re excited, yet you kind of feel like vomiting.  What will you actually be doing?  What if they don’t like you?  It is completely reasonable and common for students to be anxious about their first engineering internship.  Read on – it’s not as scary as you make it out to be!

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Employers are Very Supportive to Their Interns

They hired you for a reason.  Your employer likes your credentials and they like your personality.  It is likely you are leaving campus for the summer to perform your internship.  Your employer is aware that you may be far away from family and friends.  Employers try to cater to those types of interns, especially if they may want to hire you after graduation.  They may help get you in touch with other interns to find summer roommates.  Often times employers can recommend places to live in the area.  Don’t be shy about asking your employer if they have recommendations!

You Are Not Expected to Know Everything

 A good employer will explain the basic rules and policies to you during your first week.  They should make you feel comfortable and welcome.  Also, your immediate supervisor should have relevant work ready for you.  It is not expected that you know will know what to do from the start.  There is usually a lot of on the job training and that goes for most employees, not just interns.  Your supervisor may assign a mentor to you.  The mentor will help guide you through processes to complete your tasks.  You should know they will also have input on your performance after your internship ends.  Help should be available to you in the form of management, a mentor or your immediate colleagues.  So you can relax – employers often go out of the way to take care of their summer interns.

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Easy Advice for Your First Engineering Internship

Let’s start with common sense.  Show up on time, dress appropriately and always be polite to everybody.  Always say please, thank you and extend your hand when meeting new people.  Next, do not get caught up in office gossip.  It can be rampant and contagious, so I caution you to stay out of it.  When it comes to emails, always pretend your boss is looking over your shoulder as you type.  Do not ever send an email unless you are comfortable with the whole world viewing it.  Also, treat everybody with respect no matter their position.  When it comes to your job, no question is a dumb one.  It is much better to ask for help rather than make incorrect assumptions.  Last, do not surf the internet at work.  You will see employees doing this and it may be tempting to follow their lead.  It is easy to lose track of time on the internet and people will notice.

In conclusion, it is common to be a little terrified or anxious about your first engineering internship.  Your employer wants to see you succeed and they will provide the necessary tools.  Remember to try and have some fun while you are there.  It is okay that you do!

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