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    What are Leadership Qualities?

    leadership qualities

    Post #76 Useful Leadership Tips

    You’ve undoubtedly heard how “employers want leadership skills.” Does anybody articulate what that means or what you should do about it (see Post #46)? Certainly, not every student is meant to reside as President or VP of a student organization. Read on to learn how to apply practical leadership qualities no matter your stature.

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    Project Management in Engineering?


    Post #50 You Are Also a Project Manager

    You might wonder what in the world project management has to do with engineering.  Project management in engineering is a given; they go hand in hand.  And, I’d like to point out some good news for you.  You are currently project managing.  Even better – you should be using the keywords ‘project management’ on your resume.  I will tell you why.

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    Engineering Leadership Skills?


    Post #46 How To Discover Yours

    You have heard, like a broken record, that employers want students with leadership skills.  This may not make sense to you because your current focus is how to be an engineer.  Read this post if you are overwhelmed by thinking about your engineering leadership skills.  I guarantee there are leadership skills within you; we can find them with a little creative thinking.

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    Are you a Straight “A” Student?


    Post #44 Straight A Words of Caution

    If you answer is yes, I want to give you a cautionary congratulations.  For those of you who obtain A’s in all your courses, be aware that even straight A students can be subject to pitfalls.  You would think straight A’s on a transcript will always work in your favor.  However, this is not necessarily the case.  Read on to discover why employers might be suspicious of straight A’s and how you can prepare yourself.

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    Why Do your Transcripts Matter?


    Post #41 Three Items Recorded on Transcripts

    Is it likely your next (or any) employer will review your college transcripts?  There is no way to know.  Some employers will scrutinize every transcript and other employers won’t.  Be aware of items listed on your transcripts other than completed grades (also see Post #40)   Read this post to learn about three items recorded on transcripts!

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    How do you Answer These Interview Questions?


    Post #11 Answering Interview Questions

    You should prepare yourself to answer these basic interview questions.  This list of interview questions is not all inclusive, but it is a solid list to start thinking about.  I am offering ideas to help you prepare your own answers.  Please be sure you read Post #10 first if you have not already done so; it may offer a new perspective about your upcoming interviews.  Below are four common interview questions along with some guidelines to help you formulate your own genuine answers.

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    What is the Secret to a Great Interview?

    Job OfferPost #10 How to Have a Great Interview

    It is never too soon to start thinking about your next internship or job interview.  An internship, or some other form of professional work experience, is one of the single most important steps you can take as an engineering student.  There is no better way to understand a professional engineering environment unless you get to live it.  But many others around you also have interviews; how do you possibly compete with so many people? Read on if you want to learn the secret to a great interview.