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    COVID-19 and Fall 2020 Semester: In-Person or Online?

    Fall 2020 Semester

    Post #99 Fall 2020 Semester is Quickly Approaching

    As COVID cases in the US are on the rise, employers, colleges, churches, and communities are scrambling. Many people have had enough with staying at home. Students want the ‘full’ college experience, and some are willing to take risks to get it. Fall 2020 semester is just around the corner and nothing is set in stone: masks or not, social distancing or not, in-person or online courses … nobody knows.

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    Do you Dream About your Dream Job?

    dream job

    Post #96 Hoping to Find ‘The One’

    Life is tough as an engineering student with deadlines, courses and labs. Throw resumes, career fairs and job searching into the mix. You have a perfect vision about your dream job. Future plans include rigouous hunt for the best job at a reputable company. After all, you worked hard and you deserve a great reward. Right?