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    Do you Think Outside the Box?

    think outside the box

    Post #74 Enrich your Professional Development

    How do you help yourself become a well-rounded job candidate? I wrote a post about well-roundedness and why that’s important (see Post #45). But, how can you widen the offers you put on the table prior to applying for jobs? I will provide a few recommendations on how to think outside the box.

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    Ready to Ask your Own Interview Questions?

    Post #12 Get Ready to Ask your Own Interview Questions!

    Did you realize an interview is supposed to be a two-way street?  Interviews can naturally make you a little nervous, but you are supposed to return the favor right back at them!  I highly recommend you confidently ask the following questions to your interviewers.  Look them in the eye, sit up straight and make them think on their feet.  Asking intelligent questions will indicate you are an insightful candidate and that you are not desperate.  And it makes you more desirable!  So please, walk into your interview with notes and do not leave without asking your own interview questions.