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    Do you Learn From your Mistakes?


    Post #67 Mistakes are Essential to Learning

    According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of a student is a “SCHOLAR, LEARNER.”  How do you suppose one becomes a scholar or a learner?  They fail, they make mistakes, they use poor judgment and they get up to try all over again.  If learning is such a good thing, why beat yourself up over mistakes?  I want you to consider that mistakes are essential to learning.

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    Did you Fail An Engineering Exam?

    Fail an Engineering Exam

    Post #17 Failing An Exam Is More Common Than you Think

    Many engineering students may fail an engineering exam.  If you are not used to failing, it can be a jolting shock.  You then decide to make it mean something negative about you.  “Maybe I’m not as smart as I thought …this is devastating…I didn’t work hard enough”, etc.  And the negative thoughts keep rolling in.   I am here to tell you it is not as devastating as it feels when you fail an engineering exam.  Read on for ideas on what to do next.