• Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing

    “I Wonder what they Think of Me?”

    I wonder what they think of me

    Post #98 Haunted by Others’ Opinions

    You read and re-read comments, posts and texts trying to decipher between the lines. It pains you to think that somebody spoke poorly or wrote nasty things about you. You consistently wonder, “I hope they like me … I wonder what they think of me”. It might be easy for your mind to take you down dark scenarios.


  • Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing

    Are you Okay?

    Are you Okay?

    Post #90 Are you Okay and How do you Know?

    Our society has been scrambling to adjust to stay-at-home mandates thanks to COVID-19. Your classes have moved to an online format. Spring and summer plans have been canceled. And you’re trying to move forward with your life despite a future that seems murky. You have a plate full of risk and uncertainty. What would you say if I asked, “Are you okay?”


  • Personal & Professional Development

    How do you Compare?


    Post #87 When you Compare Yourself to Others

    It is your human tendency to want to compare yourself to others. It’s tempting to think the other person has a better car, better phone, a better life, etc (see Post #34). When life is good and when all is well, we often like comparing ourselves to others. But sometimes life is tough, such as when we find ourselves in the midst of a COVID-19 circumstance. In this case, and in many others, comparisons can result in your confidence taking a nosedive.


  • Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing

    Are you in Tune with Yourself?

    in tune with yourself

    Post #84 Synchronize your Mind and Body

    You know exactly who you are, and you know why you say and do the things you do, correct? Maybe? As a busy student, the answer is undoubtedly “No.” If you think experienced adults are in tune with who they are, think again. Learn what it means to be in tune with yourself and how it can empower your life.