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    Do you Panic During Engineering Exams?


    Post #19 When You Forget Everything but Your Name

    The idea of an engineering exam is scary enough.  It’s doubly scary when professors hand you your exam face down.  They specify you are not to turn it over and start writing until they say OK.  Your temperature rises, your heart pounds and you can barely write your name.  Why do you panic during engineering exams?  Why must this process be so intimidating?

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    Do you Have to Cram for an Exam?

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    Post #18 When You Waited Too Long to Study

    You have an engineering exam coming up shortly and you are anything but prepared.  Now is not the time to dwell on how you coulda, woulda, shoulda started studying sooner.  Time is running out; your exam is approaching and you’re in a state of panic.  An all-nighter is probably in your immediate future.  But even still, how to you cram for an exam in such a short amount of time?