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    Did you Make Needless Mistakes?

    mistakes are a necessity of life

    Post #91 Mistakes are a Necessity of Life

    Your semester is over, you’re still adjusting to a COVID-19 environment and you’re feeling confused. Or scared. You wonder what the immediate future has in store as you agonize over a few recent mistakes. If you can clear your mind for a few moments and forget about your faults, this article might help you understand mistakes are a necessity of life.

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    Are you Coachable?


    Post #77 There are Always Others Who Know More

    Some people welcome new ideas and constructive criticism. Other folks prefer to stick with what they know and reject differing perspectives. No matter your circumstance or stature, stay open to learning from others. Here are three ways to boost your knowledge and make yourself more coachable.

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    How to Influence Others?

    influence others

    Post #75 Increase your Leadership Qualities

    Stop and think about how many people in your life you try to influence. Let’s start with family members, classmates, professors, friends, potential employers, etc. Stop and think about the tactics you use and how effective they are. I am going to share some useful information to help you understand how to influence others.