• Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing

    Are you Okay?

    Are you Okay?

    Post #90 Are you Okay and How do you Know?

    Our society has been scrambling to adjust to stay-at-home mandates thanks to COVID-19. Your classes have moved to an online format. Spring and summer plans have been canceled. And you’re trying to move forward with your life despite a future that seems murky. You have a plate full of risk and uncertainty. What would you say if I asked, “Are you okay?”


  • Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing

    How is your Mental Hygiene?

    Mental Hygiene

    Post #71 Three Steps for Healthy Mental Hygiene

    Our brains experience approximately 40,000 – 60,000 thoughts in a day.  These thoughts can range from excellent to self-destructive and everything in between.  Have you ever considered managing many of your daily thoughts?  Read the three steps outlined here so you can practice healthy mental hygiene.

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    How do you Stay Healthy?


    Post #66 Healthy Students Require Self-Care

    Self-Care: how often do you think about it?  It’s not something the typical engineering student thinks about.  But, what if you did think about it daily?  What kinds of answers, problems and solutions could you create for yourself?  Moreover, how would your life be improved if you created a daily habit of caring for you?