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    Is Perfectionism Good or Bad?


    Post #80 The Origin of your Perfectionism

    Is it such a bad idea to strive for perfect outcomes, perfect friends or perfect careers? In theory, life would be great if all were perfect. But, along with perfectionism comes boredom, complacency and lack of personal expansion. This article discusses origins of perfectionism and what it means for you.

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    Are you an Arrogant Engineer?


    Post #35 Confidence is Good, Arrogance is Not

    I understand firsthand why some engineers display a bit of arrogance about them.  Is engineering tough?  Yep.  Are engineers proud to call themselves engineers?  Yep.  Is it ok to be arrogant about it?  Nope.  People do it anyway. Please read this so you can understand and avoid the pitfalls of being an arrogant engineer.

  • Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing,  Engineering Major

    Post #5: Is it Just you or Does Everyone Struggle?


    Is it Just You?

    When you look around, do you feel like everyone else gets it?  Do you a have knot in your stomach because you did not understand something the first time around?  Maybe you are wondering why you cannot be as smart.  You feel inadequate because you have looked at your engineering homework many times without knowing where to start or how to finish.  And you wonder:  am I the only one?