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    Did you Make Needless Mistakes?

    mistakes are a necessity of life

    Post #91 Mistakes are a Necessity of Life

    Your semester is over, you’re still adjusting to a COVID-19 environment and you’re feeling confused. Or scared. You wonder what the immediate future has in store as you agonize over a few recent mistakes. If you can clear your mind for a few moments and forget about your faults, this article might help you understand mistakes are a necessity of life.

  • Personal & Professional Development

    What are Leadership Qualities?

    leadership qualities

    Post #76 Useful Leadership Tips

    You’ve undoubtedly heard how “employers want leadership skills.” Does anybody articulate what that means or what you should do about it (see Post #46)? Certainly, not every student is meant to reside as President or VP of a student organization. Read on to learn how to apply practical leadership qualities no matter your stature.