• Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing

    “I Wonder what they Think of Me?”

    I wonder what they think of me

    Post #98 Haunted by Others’ Opinions

    You read and re-read comments, posts and texts trying to decipher between the lines. It pains you to think that somebody spoke poorly or wrote nasty things about you. You consistently wonder, “I hope they like me … I wonder what they think of me”. It might be easy for your mind to take you down dark scenarios.


  • Emotional Struggles & Mental Wellbeing

    Are you in Tune with Yourself?

    in tune with yourself

    Post #84 Synchronize your Mind and Body

    You know exactly who you are, and you know why you say and do the things you do, correct? Maybe? As a busy student, the answer is undoubtedly “No.” If you think experienced adults are in tune with who they are, think again. Learn what it means to be in tune with yourself and how it can empower your life.

  • Personal & Professional Development

    Graduation Advice

    future advice

    Post #79 Three Things to Know Prior to  Graduation

    You are either close to graduation or maybe you like to dream about it. Either way, that’s great! However, read this post for some practical graduation tips. As one door closes, many more will open. If you embrace the graduation advice provided here, you will be many steps ahead of your competition.

  • Personal & Professional Development

    Are you Coachable?


    Post #77 There are Always Others Who Know More

    Some people welcome new ideas and constructive criticism. Other folks prefer to stick with what they know and reject differing perspectives. No matter your circumstance or stature, stay open to learning from others. Here are three ways to boost your knowledge and make yourself more coachable.

  • Personal & Professional Development

    What are Leadership Qualities?

    leadership qualities

    Post #76 Useful Leadership Tips

    You’ve undoubtedly heard how “employers want leadership skills.” Does anybody articulate what that means or what you should do about it (see Post #46)? Certainly, not every student is meant to reside as President or VP of a student organization. Read on to learn how to apply practical leadership qualities no matter your stature.